Red Pepper Groceries

Our retail shop - The House of Red Pepper - is situated in Noble Park, Victoria.
The store holds many brands of bottled pickles, chutneys, sauces, packed spices and frozen products. We are ready to respond to any product that is so demanded by our customer.
Sri Lankan food can be low in fat and uses all natural herbs and spices.
We have fresh food cooked finger foods prepared every Monday to Saturday consiting of Panrolls (beef, fish & veg) - Patties (beef & fish) - Curry Puffs - Vadai - Vegetarian Samosa - Mas Paan - Malu Paan - Gothambas (beef & fish) - Kimbula Buns - Roast Paan - Coconut Roti packs - Pittu packs  & the usual rice and curry lunch packs.
Geraldian Pty Limited trading as
Red Pepper Groceries and Barbers Exotic Foods